Benefits of lowering the gambling age to 18

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More idiot people for greedy, evil gambling casinos to rob for no reason. In many countries around the world, the legal drinking age is already In these countries, they have seen a greater reduction of drunken driving accidents than the United States, where the legal age is Lowering the drinking age would eliminate thrill drinking.

If you say benefits you may somehow be wrong just as you can't say what are the benefits of smoking. Everyone knows that it's either a win or lose situation. As almost everyone would say the house always wins. But this totally depends on what you are betting on. Gambling covers a lot of aspects from trading stocks down to sports betting. Why drinking age should be lowered: Dr. Ruth Engs Those under the age of 21 are more likely to be heavy -- sometimes called "binge" -- drinkers (consuming over 5 drinks at least once a week). For example, 22% of all students under 21 compared to 18% over 21 years of age are heavy drinkers. Among drinkers only, 32% of under age compared to 24% of legal age are heavy drinkers. 18 is enough - Las Vegas Weekly The Las Vegas Sun, which is owned by the Weekly’s corporate parents and which editorialized on November 12 against lowering the age, dismissed the argument that 18-year-olds who can vote and die ... Proposal To Lower Nevada's Gambling Age Encounters Skepticism ...

Raising the minimum buying age for tobacco could mean fewer ...

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Lower the drinking age to 18 – The Sundial

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Feb 25, 1983 ... The plan calls for increasing maximum weekly benefits but tightening ... This was designed to encourage workers in lower salary brackets to find new work ... PASSES BILL RAISING CASINO GAMBLING AGE TO 21 FROM 18.

An idea is floating around Nevada to lower the state's gambling age from 21 to 18.\nA gaming industry lawyer says it has the potential to create a windfall of new business. Meskwaki Tribe lowers gambling age to 18 - Meskwaki Tribe lowers gambling age to 18. Friday, May 9, 2008 . The Meskwaki Tribe of Iowa has lowered the gambling age for certain Class II games to 18. Young gamblers will be able to play non-house banked poker games. They will not be allowed to operate slot machines or other Class III games. Lower the drinking age to 18 – The Sundial It could be inferred, if the government did lower the drinking age to 18, that the number of deaths would increase. One way to prevent this is to keep the minimum drinking age as is. The age of 21 was decided not by just sheer guessing, but by research and studies based on the human brain and how it functions. Should Drinking Age Be Lowered to 18 Pros and Cons ...