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The scale of the damage done is large. There are at least 115,000 Australians at the moment who are directly and seriously harmed by gambling and another 280,000 experiencing significant risk[iv]. By comparison 24,600 Australians were admitted to hospital due to a car accident in the last year[v].

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jackpot casino nevada Gambling In Australia Statistics 2015 safe ... A review of current knowledge.Australian Gambling Statistics 31st edition Released August ... Australian Gambling Statistics 2010 - Gambling australian gambling statistics 2010 advertising statisticsStory highlights. A study for Gambling Research Australia conducted by the Australian Council for ...

Gambling advertisements will be banned during live sporting events. Offshore gambling operators will not be able to legally offer services to Australians unless they receive a license from Oz – Violators will have IP addresses blocked, be placed on a blacklist, and subject to civil penalties. Since there are no provisions in place for ...